lin's favs in the trades


  • Quality House Painting. John Pyke: 403.714.2743. Both interiors and exteriors: excellent, meticulous, hard working, diligent and talented!
  • DrainWorks.  Des: 403.201.6366.  Residential and Commercial plumbing, heating and gasfitting.
  • Carpet Cleaning. Emile: 403.617.0687. Very good work!
  • Greenbuddy Landscaping. James and Nigel: 403.984.2080.  Lawn care and snow removal. :)
  • Gardening Duo. Liza: 403.809.1852 and Ken: 403.828.4478.
  • Tanya Splaine Residential Cleaning. Tanya: 587.998.0035.